NEWS ROUND UP: 9th August 2021

Three blonde white women are sitting and smiling while facing the camera in a white studio background. The girl on the left wears a knitted yellow full length dress, white vest underneath and white trainers. She is seated on a stool holding a blue cane. The girl standing in the centre wears a white crop top and blue high waisted trousers. The girl to the rights sits in a mauve and black wheelchair. She wears a turquoise dress and a pink cape.
Image by Bartek Bartusiak

Devon student designing clothing to help disabled people 'express themselves'

By Charlotte Vowles, Community reporter

Devon Live


Three Chinese models are on a runway in neon lighting. The lady standing on the left wears a long black and white striped full skirted dress with a large pink bow on the waist. The lady in the centre is in a wheelchair and wears a black and white checked body suit with neon yellow panels on the stomach and shoulders with knee high front laced white boots. The lady standing on the right wears a blue knee lengths dress with a silver throw and black pumps. All models are wearing masks.
Image by Edmond So

Inclusive fashion – catwalk show celebrates disabled, non-binary and other minorities in Hong Kong

By Bernice Chan

South China Morning Post


In the background is a blue digital screen with the text 'The future is accessible' in red writing on a yellow screen. A large pixelated mouse arrow hovers over it. In front a large forearm in pink wearing a studded bracelet holds a cane. It arises our of green flames. A wheelchair is in the foreground and is causing the green flames with its wheels illustrating speed. A pill bottle sits to the left of the screen and purple smoke billows from the flames.
Illustration by Ari Liloan

How a teen punk led a movement for disabled people online - From Tumblr to TikTok, young disabled people are deciding how to represent themselves

By Kait Sanchez

The Verge


A latina woman with cropped black hair and glasses sits against a railing on a rooftop. She wears a red jumper with accessibility matters written on the front in white writing. She wears black leggings and carries a black cane. In the background a cityscape can be seen.
Image by Andrea Lausell

Tips for Dating as a Person with Disabilities From Your Disabled Latina Bestie

By Andrea Lausell

Hip Latina


A white person stands facing the camera, hey have short dark hair brushed back into a quiff, they wear navy blue rimmed glasses, a burgundy zipped jacket with a white two buttoned polo shirt underneath. They stand with their hands in their pockets and behind them is a wooden fence with an orange tree heavy with fruit above it.
Image by Nicole Simone

Why Designers Need To Embrace The Full Spectrum Of Fat Bodies

By Gianluca Russo



A white woman with long brown hair sits in a wheelchair. She rests her elbow on the armrest and her chin rests on her hand. She looks at the camera confidently and wears a white long sleeved button shirt with rust coloured trousers. She is in front of a pale blue wall.
Image by Getty Images

No, I Don't Want You to Ask About My Mobility Aids

By Hannaw Shewan Stevens

Hello Giggles


A young man with dark hair is mid jump in a high jump competition. He arches his back over the bar, about to clear and land on the mat. He wears a grey tank top, black shorts and has a prosthetic blade on his left from his thigh. On his right leg he wears a neon green track shoe
Image by Emily Malan

Paralympic Athlete Ezra Frech on Being a Role Model, Training During COVID, and What it Means to Be Elite

By Sara Luterman

Teen Vogue


A group of cafe staff stand in their cafe looking up at the photographer. They all smile and are wearing matching striped blue and white aprons.
Image by Justin Kernoghan

Ballynahinch cafe and social club empowering adults with learning disabilities by giving them a fun place to work

By Sophie McLaughlin

Belfast Live