Spotlight: Arthur Aston

When you first listen to Arthur Aston on the OurView Podcast, you are instantly drawn to the honesty, openness and warmth in his voice.

The OurView Podcast is a weekly show and in each episode Arthur discusses inclusivity and disability topics with members of the disabled community. He has interviewed Tony award winners, Paralympic medalists, models, comedians and medical professionals, and every conversation is frank and open.

Aside from spreading inclusivity and awareness through his podcast, Arthur is a pioneer for children with disabilities and is the Executive Director of “Build Jake's Place” a beautiful inclusive playground located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA. The playground was created to allow children using wheelchairs and assistive devices to play alongside others with ease. It is clear to see that he is a tireless advocate for disability.

Hi Arthur,

You are quite possibly the most driven person I have met! Tell me a little about yourself...

I am the founder of OurView, a disability awareness and consulting company. I am also the Executive Director of Build Jake’s Place, which is a nonprofit organization that creates accessible play experiences in New Jersey. I was born with Spina Bifida in 1981 and I was not expected to live past the age of 15. The Spina Bifida diagnosis has impacted my mobility and I have to walk using leg braces and crutches, and at times, I use a wheelchair.

What inspired you to become a podcaster?

Prior to 2020, I was working to raise awareness in schools and colleges. I worked with companies to assist them with making their establishments more accessible. When the pandemic hit, I had to shift my plan. I wanted to make sure that my message was still being shared, so I decided to create a podcast to continue raising awareness, educating, and changing the tone of conversation about disabilities.

How would you describe OurView podcast in three words?

Raising awareness, education

What do you love most about being an interviewer and podcaster?

I love that I am able to provide a space for others who have disabilities to share their stories and lived experiences. I believe that we can truly make changes by making people aware of our experiences of living with disabilities.

You truly are an inspiration yourself, but where do you like to get inspiration? Music, art, people etc?

I am inspired by stories; music, art, and people all inspire me. The lyrics of a song, the musical progression of a song, a painting, a single parent.

Arthur and the Board of Build Jake's Place - Photo Courtesy of their website

That is really beautiful!

How would you define your own personal fashion style?

I think as most people would say, my personal style is definitely my own. Most of the time, I enjoy a more relaxed/casual style. Around the house, I love a warm hoodie and flannel pajama pants. I’m a jeans and hoodie kind of guy when I go outside (in the winter), and a casual button down short or long sleeve shirt in the spring/summer/fall. I do like the occasional dress-up suit and tie moment. I think I'm missing that a lot now, being the lack of being able to have events.

I have absolutely no doubt that you will have lots of award ceremonies to attend in your finest very soon when lockdown ends!

Lastly, I can imagine that podcasters are always busy, so on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the messiest) how tidy is your desk at this exact moment? (mine is a solid 9):

My desk is a solid 7 for sure!

Is there anything that you wish you were better at? (mine is baking - I am so bad at it):

I love music, and I wish I could play an instrument.

I have witnessed your taste in music and I concur, it's a fantastic collection!

Thank you so much for letting me ask these questions and learn more about you and your incredible work. We wish you every success for the future and are looking forward to watching you go from strength to strength!

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